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Resident Deliveries



Resident Deliveries

May 11, 2020

Evergreen Home for Special Care Family and Friends,


Evergreen recognizes that with the visitor restrictions in place, residents continue to require essential and non-essential items to be delivered/dropped-off from outside of the facility. We continue to allow families and friends to deliver items to Evergreen, but ask that you follow the outlined infection prevention and control practices.


  • When planning to deliver items to Evergreen, individuals must follow provincial guidelines for self-screening for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19. If you have any symptoms, do not deliver to Evergreen.


  • Items should not be brought from a home where individuals are on self-isolation or have symptoms of COVID-19. If this is the case, please wait to deliver until isolation period has ended and/or symptoms have subsided. If the delivery is urgent, please have an alternate person (from another household) pick up and deliver to Evergreen. Notify Evergreen if this is the case.


  • Place all items in a clean, disposable plastic bag (do not use a tote bag, duffle bag, etc.) and label with resident name. Practice proper hand hygiene prior to coming to the facility, and when departing.


  • All items must be dropped off at the main entrances of either the Senior Centre or Children Centre. All entrances are locked, please ring the doorbell and wait for a staff member to assist you.


  • Delivered and dropped-off items will be placed in a clean plastic bag, and labelled with the date and time of drop off as well as the resident name. All items are isolated for 48 hours prior to being delivered. Do not drop off perishable items.


  • Please call ahead if you are bringing larger items, all furniture/electronics needs to be approved by Rehab Department (ext. 228) prior to coming to Evergreen.


  • For resident safety and privacy, please ensure all window visits are scheduled and at designated locations.


      • Scheduling calls/visits can be arranged through:

Jennifer Burgess ext. 307 OR Paul Wood ext. 241


      • On weekends, please call nursing supervisor

        Children Centre ext. 7002

        Senior Centre ext. 6030/6013


    If you have any further questions regarding safety and prevention measures put in place regarding COVID-19, please reach out to one of the following; (902)678-7355

    • Senior Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 6030/6013

    • Children Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 7002

    • Social Worker ext. 307


    Stay safe and take care,

    Evergreen Home for Special Care




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