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Evergreen Community Update #8 July 22, 2020

Evergreen Home for Special Care Family and Friends,

Evergreen continues to strictly follow directives from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Department of Health and Wellness and Public Health in relation to COVID-19.

The safety of residents and staff is the top priority of Evergreen and we continue to make adjustments to our daily practices and pandemic plan. 

As of today, July 22, there are no positive cases of COVID-19 at Evergreen Home for Special Care among residents or staff.
• Evergreen has expanded our outside visitation! ◦ Resident's are now permitted up to 5 visitors per visit. ◦ Brief physical contact (hug, pat on shoulder, handshake)

is allowed provided both visitor and resident are wearing masks and practice proper hand hygiene.

◦ Social distancing must be maintained throughout visit after brief contact.

◦ Masks may be removed when 6ft distancing is maintained.

◦ To schedule a visit, please call (902)678-7355 ext. 555 and leave a voice mail message.

A staff member will call you back to schedule your visit, ask you the screening questions related to COVID-19, and go over expectations.

◦ Visits are only scheduled Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)
• At this time, Evergreen is not scheduling indoor visits. 
• Evergreen is now able to gather in up-to groups of 10 staff and residents! This will allow larger groups for our programs and allow resident's more opportunities for socializing.

◦ Groups of resident's and program staff must be consistent, with proper hand hygiene and cleaning protocols in place. 
• Video calls continue to be offered through Skype, Zoom and Messenger

. ◦ Scheduling video calls can be arranged by calling (902)678-7355 ext. 307 or emailing       

 ◦ Please call nursing supervisors on the weekends Senior Centre (ext. 6030)// Children Centre (ext. 7002)

• There is a new process for resident parcel delivery at the main entrance (Senior Centre).

◦ There is now a large container outside the door, please place your parcel in the box with resident name on it.

◦ Box will be checked periodically throughout the day, and at the end of the day. Items will be brought in, dated and placed in the isolation room.

◦ Items received on Saturday/Sunday will be treated as a Monday morning drop-off for isolation 
purposes. ◦ Items will continue to be isolated for 48 hours before being brought to resident

◦ Reminder that for infection control purposes, we cannot accept perishable foods at this time for residents.

If perishable foods are delivered,  it will be disposed of immediately. 
• Evergreen continues to follow all precautionary and preventative measures that have been implemented over the past few months.

Some of which include, active screening of all residents and staff daily, cohorting residents within their Avenues and dining rooms,

staff wearing medical masks for the duration of their shift, small group/1:1 recreation programs, and daily communication with Public Health. 
• Information concerning COVID-19 can be found at
• Please note that all Community Updates will now be post on our NEWS page on our website!
• Evergreen Home for Special Care can also be searched on Facebook!
If you have any further questions regarding safety and prevention measures put in place regarding COVID-19, please reach out to one of the following;

(902)678-7355 • Senior Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 6030/6013 • Children Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 7002 • Social Worker ext. 307

Stay safe and take care, Evergreen Home for Special Care

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