Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the process for admission to a nursing home? All admissions to long term care in NS are processed through the Department of Health’s Single Entry Access (SEA) which can be initiated by calling 1 800 225-7225.
  2. What is the cost of care in a nursing home? The cost of nursing home care is established by the Department of Health following  a pre admission assessment which is conducted by a Care Coordinator following the initial contact via the 1 800 number.
  3. Will we get the nursing home of our choice? All applicants review the process of choosing a home with the Care Coordinator at the time of the admission assessment.
  4. How long does it take for admission to a home once the process has begun? There is no specific time frame and admission depends upon the extent of the waiting list and availability of beds. The wait list is kept in order of date of receipt of the approved application.
  5. Can I bring my own furniture? Residents are encouraged to bring items to personalize their rooms.  Beds, dressers and bedside tables are provided.  Questions regarding furniture should be directed to management.
  6. Is it okay to leave the home for an overnight visit? It is possible to leave the home for a period of up to thirty days providing the cost of care agreement is honoured.
  7. Is it possible to view the home before admission? A tour of the home is welcomed and encouraged.  Because a tour requires at least an hour, it is best to arrange a time beforehand to provide ample time for questions.
  8. What is the procedure for contacting the Department Heads? Refer to “About Us” - Management which list the Department Heads with the phone extensions
  9. What is the procedure for taking a resident out on a day pass? Notify the RN Supervisor on duty to arrange.
  10. Are family members allowed to assist with recreation programs? Contact the Director of Recreation/Volunteers at extension 241 to arrange.
  11. Is there a support group for family members? Contact the Evergreen Family Resource Council through the Director of Recreation/Volunteers at extension 241