Residents Council and  Residents Administrator Participation (RAP)

Residents Council and RAP meet monthly to provide input for future programs, upcoming events as well as to make suggestions to help enhance the quality of life for residents at the Home. Through residents participation in various planning committees, and empowering residents to function at their optimal level, the dignity and worth of individuals are respected and nurtured.

The Director of Recreation/Volunteers and Residents Council members organize and conduct these meetings. Residents have an opportunity to participate in menu planning and commment on meal service in general. Management staff often attend to answer questions from residents and to explain various happenings or changes in the home.

Residents keep in touch with other residents who may have been hospitalized or otherwise need cheering up or a helping hand by way of the Council.

Residents also have their own suggestion box on each floor in which they can express opinions or give ideas to their Council.