Children Centre

The childrens' home consists of a twenty bed facility which specializes in the care of children with physical and development challenges as well as children with high medical needs. It offers both full time and respite care by highly trained nursing staff twenty-four hours a day. Programming for each child is individualized and outside schooling is available where appropriate. Our pediatric doctor is available for in-home visits and on a twenty-four hour on call basis.

The 12,000 square foot facility boasts nine double and two single bedrooms, a respite room with a wheelchair accessible washroom, a living room with entertainment center and a fireplace, a dining room with doors to an outside patio, a program room and full kitchen facilities. A family guest room with full bath is incorporated into the facility to provide overnight accomodations for parents to stay with their child if the need arises.

To allow safe and comfortable transfers of the children from their chairs, ceiling lifts are installed over all beds and in the program room and tub room.

Monitoring of the children while they are in bed is a top priority. The building is designed with the bedrooms placed in a circular arrangement around a central nursing station. This provides for optimal visibility of the children. As an added safety feature, video cameras are placed over the beds for monitoring purposes. Since our children cannot call for assistance, this will add to their security when staff cannot be in the room. Monitor screens are placed at the nursing desk, the staff room and in the director's office.

Other features that are included in our home are:

  • screened in sun porch
  • staff room
  • hydrosound tub
  • wheelchair accessible washrooms
  • ample storage for equipment, supplies and seasonal clothing
  • large built in aquarium

If you have any questions about our home or the admission process, please feel free to contact Andrea Cottrell, Director of Nursing, Childrens' Centre Monday to Friday between 0830 hours and 1630 hours or drop in and visit us if you are in the area. The children would love to give you a tour of their new home.