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Outside Visits

June 16, 2020

Evergreen Home for Special Care Family and Friends,


Beginning June 17, 2020 Evergreen will begin conducting outdoor visits. We are looking forward to these visits and reuniting residents with their loved ones. In order for these visits to occur, there are a number of health directives and regulations that must be followed for the safety of the residents, family members, and staff.


Scheduling a Visit

  • Please call (902)678-7355 ext. 555 and leave a message to add your name on the list to have your visit scheduled. This is the only way to have your visit scheduled.

  • Please make sure your message includes your name and phone number and the resident you will be visiting.

  • Phone messages will be checked weekdays, family/friends will receive a call back from the staff member within days of your visit to inform you of your scheduled time, tell you what to expect during your visit, and ask you a number of screening questions related to COVID-19. Questions will need to be answered for each person attending the visit (maximum of 2 people).

  • Please do not call back to inquire if your message was received. We are expecting a high volume of calls, and we will call you to confirm your scheduled time.


Visitation to LTC facilities be permitted provided the following measures are in place:

  1. Visits occur outdoors only, in designated areas on the grounds of the facility. Physical markers will be in place to help visitors respect Public Health distancing guidelines.

  2. Visits are monitored by staff who will accompany visitors directly to the identified visiting space.

  3. A maximum of two visitors may attend at one time.

  4. Visitors must be screened for COVID-19 upon entry to the facility, must be asymptomatic, must wear a non-medical mask (cloth and homemade mask is allowed), and must maintain physical distancing of 2 metres. Once at the designated visiting area, the non-medical mask may be removed at the discretion of the LTC facility if physical distancing can be maintained and if the mask presents a barrier to effective communication between resident and visitor.

  5. Visitor information must be logged, including date and time of attendance at the facility.

  6. Visitors are not permitted to enter the facility or grounds if they are under a requirement to self-isolate (due to travel, awaiting for results of COVID-19 testing, due to contact with a COVID-19 case, are currently ill with COVID-19, or for other reasons).

  7. At this time, general visitation from family within the facility is not permitted.

  8. Length of visit should be limited to no longer than 30 minutes.

  9. Priority will be given to initial visits before scheduling second visits for families and residents.

  10. All visits must be scheduled and follow Public Health requirements as stated above.

  11. Visits are to be monitored by staff who will accompany the visitors directly to the identified visiting space.

  12. Visit will be suspended if resident or staff in the facility shows signs symptoms of COVID-19.

  13. Evergreen reserves the right to suspend visitation due to visitors non-compliance to above guidelines.

  14. Non-compliance could lead to the resident being in self-isolation within the facility for 14 days, as well as terminating all outside visits. Please respect the guidelines.

  15. There is to be no exchange of items during visits. All parcels will still need to be dropped off at the front door to be properly isolated for 48 hours.

Stay safe and take care,

Evergreen Home for Special Care



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