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Evergreen Community Update # 23

July 16, 2021

Phase 4 of the province’s reopening plans is in effect July 14, 2021, at 8:00am, and includes the lifting of the following restrictions in long-term care:


For residents who are fully immunized against COVID-19:

•         Visits in a family home, including overnight stays for no more than one night at a time,  are now permitted, while adhering to the current Public Health Order (e.g., gathering  limits, etc.) Others may visit the home while the resident is present, as long as gathering limits are maintained. It is recommended that all eligible residents in a family home are immunized with at least one dose. A family home includes the home of a family member or Designated Caregiver. This may also include a family cottage, RV, etc


For residents who are partially immunized or not immunized against COVID-19:

•         Full community access is now permitted for residents. Access is permitted with a support person, Designated Caregiver, or independently, if agreed upon by the resident and facility. This includes retail stores, restaurants, banks, adult day programs, work and school. This does not include visits in a family home.

•         Indoor visits in designated visitation areas and in resident rooms are now permitted. Facilities may implement scheduling of visits, as needed. Residents are encouraged, but are not required, to wear a mask and physically distance from their visitor(s). This means that these residents may sit close, hug, touch, or exchange a kiss or handshake during an indoor visit.


For all residents, regardless of immunization status:

•         Residents may now travel on public transit such as Metro Transit, Transit Cape Breton, Kings County Public Transit, Bridgewater Transit, Strait Area Transit, etc., including where residents could be on the same bus as the general public.

•         Residents are now permitted full community access during off-site bus trips. This means the bus may stop at a park, boardwalk, retail store, or anywhere else, and public health guidelines (such as gathering limits) are followed.


All residents:

•    All residents may have outdoor visits, without physical distancing. Residents are encouraged, but are not required, to wear a mask and physically distance. This means that residents and their visitor(s) may sit close, hug, touch, or exchange a kiss or handshake during an outdoor visit, if they wish. Visits must be scheduled with the facility ahead of time.  All visitors/DCGs are required to always have their mask on.

•    To book an indoor/outdoor visit:  Senior Center: Dial 902-678-7355 ext. 555 and leave a message. Children Center: ext 229.  Designated staff will call back to confirm the visit.

•    To book a visit for Designated Caregivers: Senior Center -  dial ext. 600. Children Center - dial ext. 229.

•    Outdoor visit: maximum of five (5) visitors per visit.

•    Indoor visit: maximum of three (3) visitors per visit.

•    Visitors for both centers are to report to main entrance for COVID-19 mandatory screening.

Thank you,

The Evergreen Community


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