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Evergreen Community Update # 44

May 16, 2022

Dear Residents, Staff, Families, and Volunteers:

As of today, May 16th, additional two residents on 2nd West Avenue tested positive, bringing the total to ten (10).

  • Out of ten residents, two are considered fully recovered, three remain asymptomatic, one on oxygen therapy and the rest are recovering well.
  • One positive case on Center Avenue has recovered well and is now off isolation precaution.
  • Also reporting five (5) covid positive staff.


Evergreen is working closely with Public Health, DSLTC, OHSW, and IPAC-LTC to effectively manage the Outbreak and prevent it’s spread.


As per Public Health recommendations, the following are in place:

  • Affected residents will remain on isolation with droplet and contact precaution. Precautions will be lifted as per direction from PH.
  • Symptomatic residents are required to isolate and nasopharyngeal swab completed. Second covid test is required 48hrs after first negative PCR test.
  • Unaffected residents on 2nd West and Center Avenue are permitted to go out of room but to remain inside the unit. If resident can tolerate, wearing of mask outside room is highly encouraged. Residents may be allowed up to one hour of outdoor time with sufficient supervision to prevent potential transmission to others.

Visitation on Affected Unit/s

  • Designated Caregivers, volunteers, essential visitors, and specialized workers will be permitted per the Health Protection Act Order. Screening will continue to take place upon arrival; masking and proof of vaccination are still required. 
  • Center Avenue is still on Suspect Outbreak until declared over by Public Health (more information to follow). DCGs visiting their loved ones are required to wear mask with face shield. Kindly ask assistance from staff.
  • Evergreen reserves the right to suspend visitation due to visitor’s non-compliance with Public Health and facility’s safety protocol.

Visitation on Non-affected Units (1st West Avenue, East Avenue, and Children Center)

  • Visitors are permitted on the non-affected units.
  • Screening will continue to take place upon arrival; masking and proof of vaccination are still required. 
  • Visits are limited to resident’s room, Unit’s hallway, and outdoor (weather permitting) until further notice.
  • Residents on non-affected units are allowed to leave facility for overnight visits, sightseeing drives, and attend medical appointment. Family/SDM is requested to notify Unit supervisor in advance if planning to take resident out of facility.

Designated Caregiver

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