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Evergreen Community Update # 24

August 9, 2021

With the province remains in Phase 4, additional restrictions are now being lifted in LTC. Effective  August 9, 2021, the following changes will take effect:


Travel outside the long-term care facility:

 Regardless of immunization status, all residents may now:

  • Visit a family home or Designated Caregiver’s home, for up to 7 days, anywhere within Atlantic Canada.
  • Visit the home of someone other than a family member or Designated Caregiver, within Atlantic Canada.
  • Visit a resident in another long-term care facility. Overnight stays are not permitted.
  • Visits must be scheduled with the facility ahead of time.


  •  All types of visitors are now permitted to come into a facility. Visits must be scheduled with the facility ahead of time.
  • To book an indoor/outdoor visit: Dial 902-678-7355 ext. 555 and leave a message. Designated staff will call back to confirm the visit.
  • Designated Caregivers (DCG): Senior Center - to dial ext. 600; Children Center – to contact CDON ext 229 or designate at ext 227.
  • Outdoor visits: maximum of five (5) visitors per visit.
  • Indoor visits: maximum of three (3) visitors per visit.
  • Election candidates are now permitted to visit a single resident or hold a group session in a common area. Door to door canvassing of residents is not permitted.
  • Visitors may now attend social activities with a resident if physical distance is maintained from other residents/visitors. Visitors are not permitted to attend mealtimes in the dining room with a resident.
  • Clarification is provided that residents may not have social visitors if the resident is in isolation because they are a) symptomatic and being tested, or b) they are a new admission and the Admissions Protocol requires them to isolate. Note, Designated Caregivers are permitted to attend.
  • Visitors may now remove their mask in order to eat or drink during an indoor or outdoor visit in a designated visitation area or a resident’s room. Visitors to observe social distancing at all times.

 Gathering limits

  • Gathering limits permitted under the Health Protection Act Order now apply to facilities during social or recreational activities that involve visitors. However, gathering limits set out in the Order do not apply in routine operations of the facility (such as dining, etc.).


Thank you,

The Evergreen Community

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