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Evergreen Community Update # 35

December 30, 2021


Due to a positive COVID-19 case, Public Health has declared a Suspect Outbreak.

  • All visits, including sightseeing drives, are suspended until further notice.
  • Residents on the affected avenue are currently on isolation (droplet and contact) precaution. 
  • Only essential medical appointment allowed.


For other essential visits, please observe proper hand hygiene before entering and exiting the facility. If feeling unwell, please refrain from entering the building.


If you require assistance during weekdays, please contact Kristi Maxwell - IPAC,RN at ext 280 or Nanette Velasco - ADON at ext 304. Weekends and holidays, please contact SC Supervisor at ext 6918 or CC Supervisor at ext 7002.


Thank you for your support and kind understanding. 


Stay safe.

The Evergreen Community




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