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Evergreen Home for Special Care COVID-19 Outbreak Response

Hairdresser Services Safety Plan

• Service Provider will be screened for COVID-19 prior to entry.

• Must wear a mask while providing service to the resident/s.Discard mask after use or replace when soiled/dirty.

• Resident to wear mask while receiving the service, unless contraindicated. • Provide list of residents to RN/LPN supervisor at least a day prior to visit.

• Hairdresser to send email to AllEvergreen with list of residents on the day of hair appointment.

• Nursing staff to bring resident to the salon. Hairdresser to call the avenue when resident is ready to return.

• Residents will be accommodated from same avenue per day.

• Children Center: Hairdresser to set up a day dedicated for CC residents. Hair care service will be provided in the center.

• No more than 5 people (including the hairdresser) in the salon. • Maintain Social Distancing of  2 meters inside the salon at all times

. • Mandatory rules when providing service to facial area (beard trim, make-up applications, facials, facial waxing, threading or sugaring, etc):

◦Must wear mask with face shield ◦Residents must wear mask when entering the salon if cannot meet the social distancing requirement from other residents 
Updated: July 20, 2020
and service provider. However, they are residents who may not be able to wear a mask and accomodation can be made on a case-by-case basis.

◦Resident may remove mask only for the alloteted time of the face service, and only if the service provided feels it is safe to do so while providing the service

• Wear gloves when providing hair care. Change gloves every after use or when soiled.

• Observe proper hand hygiene for both hairdresser and residents

. • Clean equipment (comb, scissors, cape, chair, wheelchair) with recommended disinfectant between residents.

• Use one cape per resident. Clean after each use.

• A list of residents who received service and when these services were provide will be maintained for tracking purposes.

• Services are required to be cancelled if either the service provider or the clinse is experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness

- Service Provider to adhere with EHSC and Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia IPAC Guidelines.

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