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Evergreen Community Update # 37

January 25, 2022


Dear Family and Friends:


Evergreen is pleased to announce that Public Health declared outbreak as over. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this possible.


Effective January 27th, 2022,  Evergreen is pleased to welcome back visits from Designated Caregivers (DCG).  At present, visits will be 7 days a week from 10am-3pm.   All visits must be booked in advance by calling 902 678 7355 ext. 600.  This line is checked Monday to Friday (except holidays) between 9 and 10am only.


One (1) Designated Caregiver may visit at a time, and the visit must occur only in the resident room.  A medical mask will be provided and is to be worn throughout the visit. Strictly no eating or drinking is to occur while in the facility. Medical mask must be worn properly, covering mouth and nose.


We request DCG not to visit if feeling ill or is showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection:

  • ·                     A fever of 38˚C OR new or worsening chronic cough

     OR two or more of the following (new/worsening)

  • ·                     Sore throat, runny nose, unexplained headache, shortness of breath

You should not visit if you have been identified as a close contact of a person with Covid-19 or have been directed to isolate. 


Please continue to follow Public Health safety measures:

  • ·                     Proper hand hygiene with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • ·                     Observe social distancing (6 ft apart).
  • ·                     Proper respiratory etiquette


All DCGs entering the facility will be required to show their Proof of Vaccination and one valid ID.


We will continue to monitor cases closely and regularly re-assess the need for further changes.


Please reach out to Amanda Kelly (SDON) at ext 240, Andrea Cottrell (CDON) at ext 229 or Nanette Velasco (ADON) at ext. 304 for further guidance.


Thank you,

The Evergreen Community




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