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July 3, 2020

Evergreen Home for Special Care Family and Friends,
Evergreen continues to strictly follow directives from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Department of Health and Wellness and Public Health in relation to COVID-19. The safety of residents and staff is the top priority of Evergreen and we continue to make adjustments to our daily practices and pandemic plan. 
As of today, July 3, there are no positive cases of COVID-19 at Evergreen Home for Special Care among residents or staff.

• Evergreen would like to thank all members of our community for your understanding throughout these challenging times. ◦ To our families, who have been so patient with the new changes to your loved one's daily lives as we have been implementing new Public Health directives, and as we looked for creative ways to maintain connections with you and your loved ones. ◦ To our volunteers, who although have not been able to be physically in the building, have also been keeping in touch with residents and maintaining your connections here at Evergreen. ◦ To our staff, who have continued to dedicate their time and skills to ensure that not only our residents needs are met, but also to keep them safe inside their home. As well, for being patient with the constant policy changes and increase of expectations as a health care worker. ◦ Most importantly, to our valued residents. Our residents who, for many, have experienced decades of global issues and personal trauma that still could not prepare them for how their lives have been altered by recent events. Our resident's have continued to teach us compassion and understanding, and sharing gratitude and joy throughout our home. ◦ THANK YOU to all members of the Evergreen Home for Special Care Community! 

The province of Nova Scotia continues to lift restrictions to safely re-open our province in the general community. However, all of these changes do not necessarily apply to long-term care facilities. Evergreen continues to be closed at this time, we continue to be limited to groups of 5, and social distancing must be maintained. ◦ If you have questions about how something applies to your loved one in our care, please call to inquire. 

• Evergreen continues to follow all precautionary and preventative measures that have been implemented over the past few months. Some of which include, active screening of all residents and staff daily, cohorting residents within their Avenues and dining rooms, staff wearing medical masks for the duration of their shift, small group/1:1 recreation programs, and daily communication with Public Health. 

• As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, Evergreen's pandemic planning committee continues to make adjustments to our pandemic plan. The plan follows all directives from Public Health and the Department of Health and Wellness.

• The hairdresser is returning to Evergreen on July 6! She will be very busy catching up to get everyone's hair cut and styled. All of the proper precautions are in place such as, scheduling residents within the same Avenue, wearing the necessary PPE, and extra cleaning processes. 

• With direction from Public Health and the Department of Health and Wellness, we have begun having outside visits! Visits must happen in our beautiful gardens. All visitors must be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, maintain 6ft of physical distance from resident, wear non-medical masks, and schedule all visits with facility in advance. ◦ To schedule a visit, please call (902)678-7355 ext. 555 and leave a voice mail message. A staff member will call you back to schedule your visit. ◦ There may be a delay in returning calls to schedule due to the high demand, weather considerations, and safety directives. We are working hard to schedule them efficiently and safely. We appreciate your patience while we work through this process. ◦ We are steadily increasing the number of visits we do each day, and are also ensuring that each resident has the opportunity to have 1 visit, before we schedule consecutive visits. ◦ For the full list of regulations, please see the memo sent on June 16 outlining the process for 'Outside Visits'. ◦ It is critical that the public health measures are strictly followed, failing to comply could result in immediate ending of the visit, the resident being in isolation for 14 days within facility, and/or outside visits no longer being offered. We ask for your understanding and respect of these measures for the safety of your loved ones. 

• Video calls continue to be scheduled using Skype, Zoom or Messenger. ◦ Scheduling video calls can be arranged through:      Jennifer Burgess ext. 307            

 OR      Paul Wood ext. 241     

◦ On weekends, please call nursing supervisor: Children Centre ext. 7002     Senior Centre ext. 6030/6013
• Information concerning COVID-19 can be found at

• Please note that all Community Updates will now be post on our *new* NEWS page on our website!

• Evergreen Home for Special Care can also be searched on Facebook!
If you have any further questions regarding safety and prevention measures put in place regarding COVID-19, please reach out to one of the following;


• Senior Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 6030/6013

• Children Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 7002

• Social Worker ext. 307

Stay safe and take care, Evergreen Home for Special Care


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