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Evergreen Community Update # 26

October 22, 2021

Proof Of Vaccination

·         All visitors to long-term care must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination must be provided by visitors who wish to visit a loved one in LTC. This does not include designated caregivers, professionals (such as lawyers or financial advisors), or children under 12 years of age.

·         The policy is effective October 4, 2021 for everyone except staff and Designated Caregivers, who will be subject to the policy effective November 30, 2021.



·         Staff, visitors, volunteers, and Designated Caregivers are still required to wear mask while inside the facility.


Screening Process

·         While active screening continues for staff, Designated Caregivers and all other visitors, temperature checks are no longer required as part of the screening process.


Travel outside of LTC facility

·         Except where prohibited in specific zones due to epidemiology, residents are now permitted to leave the facility to visit or stay with family, friends, or a Designated Caregiver, for up to 30 days. This includes visits or stays at a family home, a cottage, camping, hotel, etc.

·         Currently, due to zone epidemiology, residents may not attend overnight visits when the overnight visit will occur in Central Zone. Residents of any zone (including Central Zone) may attend overnight visits that occur outside of the Central Zone.

·         Residents may not leave the facility with support persons who are not fully vaccinated.

·         It is strongly recommended that residents minimize close contact with non-family/friends of the resident.

·         Residents may travel within Atlantic Canada only. Travel outside Atlantic Canada is not permitted.



·         Visitors may now attend group mealtimes with residents in the dining room.

·         The location of outdoor visits no longer needs to be chosen with a view to minimizing or eliminating the need for a visitor to travel inside the building to get to the location of an outdoor visit.

·         Visitors may now attend social activities with a resident.  Visitors will be required to wear mask, practice proper hand hygiene, observe physical distancing and respiratory etiquette.

·         Residents may not leave the facility with visitors who are not fully vaccinated. This does not include designated caregivers.

·         All visits must be pre-booked. To schedule an appointment, contact 902-678-7355 ext 555. Leave a message and one of the designated staff will call back to confirm your schedule.

·         Maximum number of visitors per visit is three (3), unless previous arrangement made with Director of Recreation, SDON or CDON.


Designated Caregivers

·         There is no restriction on the number of people who can be identified as a resident’s Designated Caregiver.


Gathering Limits

·         All gathering limits in long-term care have now been removed.


Flu Vaccine

·         Flu vaccine clinics for residents will commence end of this month.

·         Inactivated High Dose Quadrivalent Vaccine for 65 years and older.

·         Inactivated Standard Dose Quadrivalent Vaccine for 6 months and older

·         SDM/POA of care are requested to sign and return Flu Vaccine consent at the earliest convenient time.


COVID-19 vaccine booster dose

·         National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has recommended COVID-19 booster immunization for long term care residents and seniors living in congregate settings. This dose should be offered at a recommended interval of at least 6 months after the primary series has been completed.

·         Booster dose will be offered to all eligible residents in Senior Center.

·         Clinic date to be determined. Booster dose will be given before Nov 21, 2021.

·         SDM/POA of care are requested to sign and return Consent for COVID-19 Booster Dose at the earliest convenient time.


Thank you,

The Evergreen Community




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