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Evergreen Community Update #16

January 18, 2021

Evergreen Home for Special Care Family and Friends,

As of today, January 18, there are no positive cases of COVID-19 at Evergreen Home for Special Care among residents or staff.

  • As of the new year, Evergreen staff and designated caregivers have been participating in asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 on-site.

    • Testing is done Monday-Friday and individuals are tested bi-weekly

    • This is a safeguard to potentially find an individual who has COVID-19 before any symptoms present, limiting the potential spread.

    • Staff and designated caregivers continue to require to have a test organized by 811 if experiencing symptoms and to not report to the facility until results return negative, and symptoms have subsided.


  • COVID-19 vaccines have also begun for staff and designated caregivers who work in close contact with residents in long-term care facilities across the province. Many of Evergreen's staff have been immunized this week!


  • Designated Caregivers continue their roles at Evergreen. [Please see guidelines for full information]

    • Recent changes to this role include;

      • Designated Caregiver hours have been expanded to Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm, caregiver's can arrive at any time between these hours as scheduled. All DCG visits must be scheduled with ADON/CDON in advance.

      • Designated Caregivers are permitted to take their loved one out for a sight-seeing drive in the area

        • No stops

        • No drive-thrus

        • Must stay in the vehicle

        • Public Health protocols followed

      • Designated caregiver's are eligible to participate in on-site asymptomatic testing

      • Designated caregiver's are eligible for priority COVID-19 vaccine *availability determined by Public Health

    • Please contact for questions or inquiries;

      • Children Centre: CDON ext. 229

      • Senior Centre: ADON ext. 304



  • Evergreen Home for Special Care can also be searched on Facebook!


If you have any further questions regarding safety and prevention measures put in place regarding COVID-19, please reach out to one of the following; (902)678-7355

  • Senior Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 6918

  • Children Centre Nursing Supervisor ext. 7002

  • Social Worker ext. 307


Stay safe and take care,

Evergreen Home for Special Care

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