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Evergreen Community Update # 46

June 3 , 2022

Dear Residents, Staff, Families, and Volunteers:


We are reporting new cases on Old East Avenue. Affected residents are on isolation with contact and droplet precautions. Referrals were sent to NSH COVID Treatment team and residents are closely monitored by staff and medical director.


We are happy to announce a total of 34 residents have fully recovered from covid infection. There are three (3) remaining active cases on 2nd West and six (6) on Center Avenue. Residents are recovering well.


Public Health Mobile Testing Team will be conducting nasopharyngeal serial swab to all non-affected residents on 2nd West and East Avenue.


Children Center is in Early Investigation stage, with two of the residents currently admitted in the hospital for respiratory- related illness. None tested positive for covid at this time. Public Health Mobile Testing Team will be conducting serial nasopharyngeal swab to both symptomatic and asymptomatic residents.


Evergreen continues to work closely with Public Health, DSLTC, OHSW, Western Zone Continuing Care and IPAC-LTC to effectively manage the Outbreak and prevent further spread of the virus.


Visitation on Affected Unit/s (Center, 2nd West, Old East)

  • Only Designated Caregivers are allowed to visit.
  • DCGs are required to wear mask w/ shield, gown* and gloves* (*if resident and/or roommate on isolation precaution) upon entry to the Unit. Kindly ask for assistance from staff.
  • Hand hygiene before entering and after leaving the Unit.


Visitation on Non-affected Units

  • Visitors are permitted on the non-affected units.
  • Screening will continue to take place upon arrival; masking and proof of vaccination are still required. 
  • Visits on New East are limited to resident’s room until further notice.
  • Residents on non-affected units are allowed to leave facility for overnight visits, sightseeing drives, and attend medical appointment. Family/SDM is requested to notify Unit supervisor in advance if planning to take resident out of facility.



Evergreen Management


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