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Evergreen Community Update # 40

March 22, 2022

As Nova Scotia enters Phase 3 of Re-opening Plan, the following restrictions will be implemented effective March 21st :


Off-site visits

  • All residents, regardless of vaccination status, may have offsite overnight visits. Family is requested to contact the RN supervisor of the unit to arrange the schedule.
  • To book off-site visits, contact RN supervisor in Senior Center at ext 6918 and ext 7002 for Children Center.
  • Residents and visitors need to follow public health measures like social distancing and mask requirements. Visitors to remain socially distanced from other residents during their visit.


  • Visits are open from Monday-Sunday,10am-3pm. 
  • Appointments are no longer necessary. However, residents are permitted to have only 2 visitors at a time. If you arrive and the resident you would like to see already has their allotted 2 visitors with them, you will be asked to come back another time.
  • Screening will still take place upon arrival; masking and proof of vaccination are still required.  
  • Residents may have larger group visits for special occasions when pre-booked with facility to ensure adequate space and planning. Please contact Recreation Coordinator at ext 241. Request will be accommodated on a first-come-first-serve basis and depending on room availability.
  • Visitors at long-term care facilities need to wear a mask and be fully vaccinated (except for end-of-life visits). Visitors need to follow social distancing guidelines (except for quick, close contact, like a hug)

Recreational Activities and other essential services

  • All long-term care residents, regardless of vaccination status, may participate in social activities and personal services (like hairstyling, footcare service) within the facility.
  • Residents are no longer required to remain in the same cohorts for group activities.
  • All residents, regardless of susceptibility status, are permitted to access any public places (outdoor or indoor), including in-home or place-of-stay visits.
  • Residents are allowed to visit other avenues if they are asymptomatic. Staff to assist residents with hand hygiene.
  • Meal-time cohorts will remain unchanged.


  • Proof of Vaccination and masking requirements remain in place for staff.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Amanda Kelly (SDON) at ext 240, Andrea Cottrell (CDON) at ext 229 or Nanette Velasco (ADON) at ext. 304.

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