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Evergreen Community Update # 32

December 20, 2021

In response to the current rise of COVID-19 cases, the Government of Nova Scotia, thru Continuing Care Sector, has implemented additional restrictions to all Long-Term Care facilities that will impact our existing visitation and admission guidelines.

Evergreen is committed to uphold the safety of residents and staff by following the directives from the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Department of Health and Wellness and Public Health in relation to COVID-19.


The following additional restrictions will be in place effective December 21st, 2021.



  •  All visits for both Senior and Children Centers MUST be pre-booked by calling 902-678-7355  ext. 600.  You will be prompted to leave a voice message. A designated staff will call back to confirm your schedule. Please do not visit unless your schedule is confirmed. Please take note, this line will ONLY be checked from 9am – 10am, Monday- Friday, excluding holidays. 
  • Monday - Friday visit check-in is from 10am - 3pm.
  • Weekend and Holiday visit check-in is from 10am – 2pm.
  • Only ONE (1) visitor per resident is allowed at a time.
  • It is recommended but not required that visitors be rapid tested within 24 hours of the visit where possible.
  • Screening will continue to be conducted upon entry. Please do not visit if you are feeling ill. Visitors are required to show their Proof of Vaccination and valid Government-issued ID.
  • Masking and physical distancing are required during visit. Residents may have a brief close contact with visitors, such as a hug, but then need to maintain physical distancing for the remainder of the visit.
  • If you wish to book a video chat, please dial ext. 555 and leave a message. A designated staff will call back to confirm your schedule.
  • Visits on Christmas day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day will have to be pre-booked by Friday (thru ext. 600), no later than 11am.


Travel outside of a long-term care facility

  •  Residents may only leave the facility for community access and overnight visits if they are fully vaccinated.
  • It is strongly recommended that all eligible residents in Senior Center receive their booster dose before accessing the community.
  • Unvaccinated residents may still attend routine medical appointments.
  • Upon return from a visit in the community, serial PCR testing is required on day 0, day 3-4, and day 6-7. If the resident becomes symptomatic, testing frequency will be increased as described in the COVID-19 Management in Long Term Care Directive. Contact and droplet precautions will be implemented for the resident while awaiting day 0 test results.
  • An unvaccinated support person (Designated Caregiver, friend, family member, etc.) may accompany a resident for an off-site visit, including to family homes. Note that the support person would have to pick up a resident without themselves entering the facility.
  • Restrictions on overnight visits in Central Zone and Western Zone have been lifted. There are no restrictions by zone on where residents may attend overnight visits if fully vaccinated.



  • The facility should have a consistent group of 10 residents (up to gathering limit of 20 based on operational needs such as neighborhood size), within a facility during congregate times (i.e. meals, recreation activities).
  • Support staff, exclusive of visitors, are not counted in the gathering limit size. This is an effort to limit gathering between residents while also maintaining residents’ ability to have visitors.
  • Visitors are NOT allowed to eat and drink with their loved one at this time.



  • Non-susceptible (fully vaccinated) admission from the community will be required a negative PCR test prior to being admitted.
  • Resident must be isolated upon arrival (contact and droplet precautions), and a repeat test 72hrs after arrival is required. If the second test is negative, resident may come off isolation requirements.
  • Resident should be tested again on day 6-7 following admission.
  • Admission from hospital and other LTC facilities, follow existing protocols.


Please reach out to Kristi Maxwell – IPAC RN at ext. 280 for further guidance


Thank you,

The Evergreen Community





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